Giving Thanks, 2011 Edition

We spent a wonderful week back in the Bay Area for the Big Game and Thanksgiving. From Zachary’s to dim sum, to the Prime Rib to beer puffs, to the meal itself, prepared by Rossmanns and Goldsmiths and eaten high on a hill in Orinda — we ate our way through the week! Photos of meals, and our few non-eating-related activities, in the album. We were immensely grateful for all of it.    Send article as PDF   

A Treat Deferred

So perhaps you’ve heard tell of the freak October snowstorm (“They’re called Noreasters,” our fourth-grade neighbor informed me) that caught us all by surprise last week. We got under a foot of snow, but it was heavy and wet enough, and the trees still leafy enough, that the ensuing damage knocked out power lines and blocked roadways. Halloween, for us, was postponed.

A week off from school, with no power or heat; that’s a lot of crafts and board games. We were lucky to have great neighbors and friends who rallied. Our culdesac bonded over one woman’s stovetop coffee percolator, one family’s gas-powered generator, and shared use of a chainsaw. A caravan of cherry picker trucks on the freeway, coming from Philly and even Ohio to come to our aid: a moving reminder of the way crises can bring out our best, most generous instincts.

Happy Halloween to you and yours. Our festivities are fully documented in the album.    Send article as PDF   


October is birthday month for the greater Rossmann family: Lynn, Maya, Alaina, Leda, Toby, Andrew, and now Paige all celebrate within two weeks. Locally, we marked Leda’s birthday with a terrific visit from Grandma Jeanette, and a pool party. Seven. Seven! Tall, outgoing, cheerful, brave, sensitive, and seven. It’s been pretty awesome getting to know you so far, Leds. Many more years.

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Back to School

Leda Marlowe's version of the Lynnie-poo

Life on the academic calendar means every fall you get that back-to-school rush of anticipation and new possibilities. It’s kind of addictive. This year Leda started second grade, and might not have even looked back for a picture had her younger sister not insisted on one more hug. Leda is confident in almost all situations but is absolutely in her element at school. Loves the routine of it, the mastery of new skills, the socializing with her friends. She doesn’t have one “best friend,” but seems equally engaged with almost everyone. She’s conscious of how she measures up — letting me know which groups she’s in for spelling, math, reading, and how those groups get shuffled and realigned when she advances. There may be something to this nature/nurture stuff. Photos of the first day, and other September activities, in the album.

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The great Northwest

Ready to raft down the Hoh River

August: a week in Olympic National Park, followed by sightseeing in Victoria, BC, and the San Juan Islands. Ferries, hikes, and plenty of beach time in the great company of Grandma Lynn and Papa George — what could be better? A sampling of photos in the album    Send article as PDF