Cleo Carver is Five


Cleo loves singing, dancing, making art, and running: she almost always wins the races around the Lafayette track with her pre-K buddies. She loves to wear things that are sparkly and/or polkadotted, and she is not averse to a headband with antennae topped in flowers or shamrocks. She has a stubborn streak that she came by naturally. Her big sister is her best friend (and also, not infrequently, the reason for Cleo’s stubbornness). For her fifth birthday, she and some friends painted pottery together. As has been recent tradition, her birthday party was immediately followed by a Passover seder and its ritual of dipping bitter foods into salt water so that they tasted of the tears of slaves. This confluence of events may, in fact, be the origin of the phrase, “It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to.” Or, perhaps not. A celebratory weekend concluded with an Easter celebration with Pat, Erica & Evan — and oh yeah, one more chance to blow out some candles. Photos in the album!    Send article as PDF   

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