Meet me in St. Lucia

So possibly, it was a mistake to have taken the girls to see a local performance of “Meet Me in St. Louis,” about a month before our trip to St. Lucia, because not a day went by without a chorus of Meet Me in St. Lucia, Lucia…meet me at the beach. Papa, who can always be counted on for silliness, happily joined in with each chorus. We had a terrific two weeks with Grandma and Papa, although we all wished the Crawfords had been there too. St. Lucia’s got a wide variety of beach types, on both its Caribbean and Atlantic coasts, and everything from rainforests to volcanoes. This family tradition of a tropical holiday trip is a pretty special one. It’s an awfully nice way to let go of one year’s baggage and get the new year off to a sandy, on-island-time start.

The best thing about Traditions is that sometimes you’re there to see a new one created. This year we saw the birth of the Sunset Club, a nightly meeting Leda & Cleo held with their grandparents on the patio as the sun melted into the sea. The rules were simple: 1) Leda was in charge; 2) Everyone was required to have his or her beverage of choice in hand; 3) In turn, each member shared one favorite memory of the day, and one element of tomorrow they were especially looking forward to; 4) Leda, and only Leda, was permitted to adjourn the meeting. Below, the St. Lucia version of Sunset club, as they looked at the outset of 2012. Many, many more photos in the album.

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