Back to School

Leda Marlowe's version of the Lynnie-poo

Life on the academic calendar means every fall you get that back-to-school rush of anticipation and new possibilities. It’s kind of addictive. This year Leda started second grade, and might not have even looked back for a picture had her younger sister not insisted on one more hug. Leda is confident in almost all situations but is absolutely in her element at school. Loves the routine of it, the mastery of new skills, the socializing with her friends. She doesn’t have one “best friend,” but seems equally engaged with almost everyone. She’s conscious of how she measures up — letting me know which groups she’s in for spelling, math, reading, and how those groups get shuffled and realigned when she advances. There may be something to this nature/nurture stuff. Photos of the first day, and other September activities, in the album.    Send article as PDF   

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