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Book reviews in the San Francisco Chronicle:
Bill Alschuler’s Science of UFOs
Clark Blaise’s Time Lord

Short Stories: 2000 “Enjoy Yourself” appeared in Ibid
2001 “Near the Highway” appeared in Red Rock Review
2001 “Disaster Specialist” appeared in Ashby Ave.
2001 I Cover the Rest one of 9 finalists
for Mary McCarthy Prize in Short Fiction
2002 “How to Seem Smarter” appeared in Readymade
2002 “Cast of Characters” appeared in Pindeldyboz
2003 “How to Be the Bigger Person” appeared in Surgery of Modern Warfare
2003 “Geeks” appeared in The MacGuffin
2004 “Re-think” appeared in Readymade
2010 “All-American” appeared in Failbetter

The Flow of Dry Water
House on Fire
And She Was


Introduction to Engineering Mechanics: A Continuum Approach from CRC Press

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